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Innovations and technological advances emerge every day, and the world of digital marketing and communication is one of the most dynamic. It is therefore essential to be aware of all the tools we have and how we can exploit them to improve and enhance our business.
We are constantly updating our skills, which is reflected in cutting edge work, whether it is the development of websites with the latest features and functionalities, applications of all types and for all mobile platforms, online stores adapted and optimized for any Area of ​​business or even social games for Facebook.


The site of a brand continues to be its main online representation today, it is its 'face' on the Internet, and therefore this can not be overlooked and must convey the quality and values ​​of your company and brand. Thus, it is essential that this is as appealing as possible, combining an intuitive navigation and simple for the user, so that he likes to be on the site and visit again, creating a good impression on the brand.
When making a website, there are 5 key steps we follow:
Plan: to perceive and define what are the real objectives of the site that we are going to develop; Consider who we are going to go to and understand what they want from our site; Analyze what makes your competition more direct and how your sites are presented.
Design: the appearance counts a lot and the colors and graphics chosen can change all the perception we have of a site and its brand. It is also at this stage that we must architect the information and content to be included, as well as designing how users navigate pages and between pages.
Development: according to what was thought and defined above, we proceed to the construction of the pages of the site, to the development of its content and specific functionalities.
Test: make sure that everything that has been done is working properly and according to what was planned.
Implementation: Put the site online.
There are sites of the most varied shapes and shapes and everything depends on what you want for your company, it can be something more traditional and simplistic, or something completely bold and innovative, for example sites that use the Gamification technique, which we also have experience.
It is important to point out that all the steps in creating a website will always take into account a constant contact and total harmony between ours and your company, so that everything stays as it intends the best and as soon as possible.

Online Stores

Among the most varied types of website we can do, we have E-Commerce, Online Stores, especially interesting for most companies looking to boost their sales by opening a 'point of sale' that reaches many more potential customers Than a physical store.

In addition, online stores bring more advantages by streamlining their sales process, that is, reducing costs and time compared to the traditional physical process. Virtual or e-commerce stores are an area that continues to grow at a great pace and this trend will certainly continue as more and more people have put aside the fears of online shopping and gradually adhere to this practice, rendered Ease, speed and convenience of this process.
Have your products exposed and accessible to an audience that is only made up of all Internet users, a kind of showcase visible to everyone. With a set of features that you can implement, your store and the way the products are shown can impact a lot more than if the customer moved to the physical store.

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