In the digital world there are many possibilities that we have at our disposal, as more and more brands invest and use these same possibilities, we must ensure that our online presence will benefit from the best means and tools possible, in the best possible way, so To fulfill the objectives that we propose with effectiveness and efficiency, and for this, it is indispensable to analyze all the factors and to devise the best strategy of action for your brand or company.
Advertising on the Sapo portal, Facebook page, Foursquare, Google Adwords campaign, hobbies, newsletters, company blog, mobile site ... etc. These are some of the most varied options.
Which one is best suited to achieve the goals of your company?
Digital Enabled helps build a solid, high-profit digital marketing strategy.

Online presence analysis

Through Online Presence Analysis we try to assess whether your pages are really delivering results and achieving the goals they set for themselves. In a world where Internet users and consumers alike want everything simpler and faster, it is essential that your online presence fully meet the habits and interests of your target and can capture a user who searches for what your Site or company can offer you. Being in the first results of search engines is one of the critical success factors for your site, since, nowadays, it is through them that we find and access everything that interests us. It is in this area that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques become fundamental, so it is imperative to understand the state of your website and how it can be optimized to improve your reputation And online visibility.

Digital Marketing Plan

As a Digital Marketing Agency, there are several tools that we can use to compose a mix of online communication and each one has its advantages and peculiarities, depending on its use of the objectives outlined.

  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Management (Community Management)
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Relações Públicas Online (Online PR)

Usability and UX

Usability and UX
Planning the Usability of a website involves thinking and defining its entire structure, whether it is a website or an application:
  • Its content;
  • Your organization;
  • The functionalities;
Just as the form will be used, which today is fundamental for their success.
It is essential to realize if the user can do and find everything you want on your site and if this process is simple and fast. Often a site looks very appealing but in fact it is not achieving the proposed goal.
The composition, the position of certain elements, the steps needed to find something, and all other features of your site should be as intuitive as possible in the eyes of the user. It is through tests of Usability and UX (user experience) that we can identify the best structure and organization for your site, in order to improve the navigation of users and thus boost their conversion rate. These studies are based on Personas (type-users) created to understand how the different people that make up your target interact with your site.
Usability Test Procedure
  • Study of the briefing given by the client
  • Conducting a competitive analysis and benchmark
  • Study of people
  • Elaboration of structure wireframe
  • Approval of wireframe by customer
  • Design
  • Usability tests
  • Approval of the design by the customer
  • Implementation
  • Usability tests
  • Finalization

Web Analytics

Through complex analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, we have access to a set of metrics (KPIs) that let you know, for example, how your Adwords campaign is running minute by minute in order to adapt and improve it Performance.
How do users get to your site? Where do they come from? What pages do they visit and how much time do they spend? These are some examples of other relevant and easily answered questions through these site and campaign analytics and monitoring tools. On a more commercial side, we can get an image of the internal shopping funnel, know which media generated the most sales, which city or country are the customers that buy the most, which pages are getting the most conversion, and so on. ..
With our analytical services you will have access to the best consulting and reporting of everything that is happening on your site and with your campaigns, reports that will be as detailed as you need and want, always presenting the best solutions to the possible problems verified.

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