Make yourself heard and make your products and services known to a whole world of potential consumers. Every day is more the tools and digital channels we have available to communicate and tackle increasingly competitive markets. Digital Marketing is an increasingly fundamental area for business and it is essential to ensure that we are one step ahead of direct competitors. Bet on an integrated digital campaign, where we leverage the main tools all around the same goals, whether they are notoriety or increase sales, or prefer a certain service such as SEO, Google Adwords, Social Network Management, Email Marketing, among others And improve your presence and results online

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The concept of SEO is to optimize the website so that it appears the best possible ranking in the search engines for certain search terms in a free way.
To do this, we start by analyzing which search terms are most relevant to your activity, and what kind of searches do the consumers when they want to know something within that activity, and from there we optimize the site around them, so that In addition to improving the position of the website in the surveys and increasing its traffic, to obtain much more qualified and interested visitors in what the site and company offer. From the page address, to the site map, and to the content it will have, everything has to be considered contemplating optimization for search engines.
This last point, Contents, is perhaps the most fundamental of all and also the one that involves more work and specialized knowledge, because if well planned and structured, it will be possible a very significant improvement in the position of the site in the rankings, becoming the main generator Of visits.
In addition to on-page optimization, we also do off-page optimization, building a structure of links that are relevant to your site and thus help you to increase the ranking of search engines, a technique called Link Building.
Nowadays SEO is an essential tool for any company since the search engines are the most used means to look for information about a certain product or service, being that Google, for example, is the site with more traffic of all the internet .
It becomes even more relevant when we know that about 90% of the clicks are in results that appear on the first page.
Bottom line, if your brand is not well positioned on search engines, your website's likelihood of success is greatly reduced, and your competitors gain the upper hand.


With this tactic we can place ads on the search results pages (right and top) whenever a user searches for a keyword that is included in their area of ​​activity and is relevant to the target.
The great advantage of Search Engine Advertising is above all its high targeting capacity since these ads appear according to the searched terms, appearing only when they are more relevant, which generates more qualified traffic to your site, that is, very users More interested in what it has to offer.
Since most people use search engines to better inform themselves before making a particular purchase, if their brand can appear in the same search with a fully segmented offer according to what has been researched, that is interesting and that This purchase may well be that of your product.
There are also other advantages inherent to this tool, namely the ability to pay only for each click (Pay per click), that is, only if the user actually enters the site does it pay, which makes this tool a good investment.
From platforms such as Google Adwords, you can quickly and easily implement your campaign, ensuring constant and real-time monitoring of the status and results of the campaign, allowing at any time to make slight changes to your continued optimization .

Facebook Ads

Social networks are currently where users spend the biggest slice of their time online. In Portugal almost 5 million people have accounts in social networks like Facebook.
It is therefore natural that this is also a means by which people look and are informed about products and services that they want to acquire, either through the pages of the brands or services themselves or through interaction with other people in the network, Proving to be fundamental to exploit all this potential to benefit your brand, hence the growing investment in Social Media Marketing (SEA + Community Management) that has been verified.
Social Media Advertising is a feature that allows us to set up campaigns that are highly segmented by demographic criteria, interest, taste and habits, as users provide all of this data to the network itself.
It is possible for us to create campaigns with an incredible degree of precision, for example: if we are to promote a campaign of a musical event in Lisbon, we can target people from and around Lisbon, aged 18-45 And female, who like festivals and music, who are fans of pages of the bands that go to this event, etc. It is possible to fine tune to the maximum, guaranteed that we only reach people who already know that they are interested in what we are communicating, constituting a highly qualified public.
By creating a message that is attractive and appropriate to this target, involving you and making you want to share and 'like' your brand, you will achieve great results above all in terms of awareness and engagement between your brand and consumers, and consequently lead to increases In sales. The fact that people are usually navigating these networks for recreation and playfulness is also an unlocker that allows them to take a more positive look at ads and any requests for brands they like, such as advertising on Facebook, Which achieves good results with a reduced investment.
Advertising on the LinkedIn platform, on the other hand, is a great way to boost B2B business, as this is a professional tool where professionals and companies seek solutions for their business.

Social Networking Management

Just as important as building a network of contacts and followers on social networks is ... knowing how to handle and maintain those contacts in a way that continually reinforces the bond that exists between them and the brand. This is where Social Networking Management becomes indispensable.
It is not enough to convince people to join our page in a certain social network. It is necessary to create a relationship with them, keep them interested and happy with the brand, otherwise they may feel frustrated and even cheated by the brand when they join a page that does not value them or recognize interest.
This will undoubtedly promote a constant interaction, appeal to public participation and feedback and also provide them with content that is of interest to them and keep them connected to the brand, not only through the Facebook page, But in general.
This is especially important when looking at recent studies, confirmed by Facebook itself, which tell us that the publications we make on our Pages today only reach less than 10% of the "Fans" that have made Taste, even though they have shown real interest in following the page. This is the natural mechanics of the algorithm of this social network, whose goal will be to make the brands invest in Advertising, but there are ways to increase this reach through a professional and well planned management.
One of the most successful methods is the creation of specific hobbies and promotions for the followers of the brand, not only motivating them to participate and interact with the brand, but also to call their friends together Of the brand, exploiting one of the main characteristics of social networks - the viral factor. In this sense, we also have know-how in the creation of Facebook Applications for all kinds of goals, of which is the creation of hobbies.
Good social media management is therefore imperative for any brand, since you have to be always attentive and respond promptly to those who ask and comment on your company as well as 'grab' fans with rich and interesting content.
The management of presence in these channels is often mistakenly seen as a task that can be delivered unconcernedly to any communication intern with a minimum of IT knowledge from the user perspective, however, we always point out that it is The identity and credibility of the brand / company that is at stake and there are already many case studies where mismanagement led to the denigrating of the brand and corresponding break in sales.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing continues to be one of the most powerful web marketing tools. In addition to maintaining the very high power of segmentation characteristic of online media, email marketing is perhaps the one that gets the highest conversion rates and consequently higher ROI.
It turns out that many companies nowadays use this technique improperly and the result is that their communications will go directly to the "junk" of their audience's email accounts, when considered as "spam". An email marketing campaign is anything but sending a communication to as many contacts as possible and expecting a percentage of those to be converted. This technique is based on a fundamental pillar: Permission Marketing. The only way a campaign of this kind will work out is if people are willing and able to send you communications to their email accounts, and much of the success of email marketing is based on the number of opt-ins that And how to get them. We may be able to obtain these contacts or we may request mailing lists and databases from third parties, always within the definitions of permission marketing.
Email marketing is an excellent way to strengthen and work with existing customer relationships such as contacting and attracting new customers, always achieving a constant and detailed monitoring of campaign results, thus allowing for continuous improvement. How many emails have been opened? How many did not go? How many people did the links load? How many ended up making a purchase? All of these data are simple and quick to obtain, and are vital information for the success of the campaign.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising consists of promoting a campaign through static or animated display ads on selected websites. These ads can be of all types and sizes, interactive or not, and that aim above all to capture the attention of those who enter a certain site.
In a Display Advertising campaign, as in any other marketing action, we first evaluate the target and the objectives of the campaign and try to serve the ads on sites that match the characteristics of that target and that are part of their habits and Interests.
Another important point is the position and size that the ads must occupy, always seeking to get enough exposure and corresponding conversion. The same ad on two different sites of a website is almost certain that the conversion rate between one and the other will be different, hence the importance of good planning.
One of the advantages of Display Advertising is that it is a technique that allows a very high segmentation since the ads can be inserted in any site, just identifying those where the target is more present and that more identify with the area of ​​activity of its company.
For the formats of this type of ads, the most used are:
  • Leaderboard (728x90)
  • Banner (468x60)
  • Mrec (300x250)
  • Overlay (400x400)
  • Skyscrapper (120x600)
  • Takeover (top and sides of the site)
This is a tool that, when well planned and executed, can usually achieve good results for the advertiser by attracting highly qualified audiences to their products or services.

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